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Additional Insurance

Personal Excess Liability and Umbrella

Personal excess liability and umbrella policies provide you an additional level of asset protection beyond the coverage offered by your automobile and homeowners polices.   

Additional liability limits are often needed for both personal and commercial clients with above average assets that require increased limits of coverage. Our programs feature the following:

  • $1, $2, $3 and $5 Million Dollar Mono-line Umbrella Policies
  • All coverage amounts available for first time umbrella clients
  • Can be written with different underlying carriers (ex. homeowners policy with MetLife Auto & Home and the automobile policy with another carrier)
  • Can be written as excess over and above other umbrella policies
  • Higher limits up to $25 million may by available when all underlying policies are placed with the same carrier.

Individual underwriting requirements of minimum underlying policy limits, prior loss history, and acceptable underlying exposures determine eligibility and premiums.

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance

Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance

Are you driving to Mexico for vacation or to visit family? If so, your US policy may not cover you once you cross into Mexico. As a result, it may be necessary to purchase a Mexico Tourist Auto Policy that will cover your US plated vehicle in Mexico. This policy is imperative, as the majority of finance companies, as well as the Mexican Authorities require that the vehicle be covered. Generally, Mexico Insurance policies cover civil liability, medical payments, legal assistance/guaranteed bail bond, and travel assistance. In addition to the required coverage, there is optional coverage for Physical Damage and Theft. 

You can now obtain coverage through International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG). This coverage is available for American plated vehicles while in the Republic of Mexico. 

You can obtain an online quote by accessing the link on this page. Coverage can be procured in 3-5 minutes for:

  • Autos SUVs
  • Pickups
  • RVs
  • Travel and Utility Trailers
  • Boats

Additional Products

Cruise the open road knowing that we’ve got you covered, with several programs designed to meet your specific needs .

  •  Motorcycles - Travel Trailers
  •  Recreational Vehicles - Off Road Vehicles
  •  Antique / Classic Cars / Street Rods - Golf carts

Hit the high seas with coverage for your various watercraft .

  • Boats - Yachts - Personal Watercraft
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